Family Gathering 1939- Dorothy Howe, Jospeh Howe, Bernard Hau/Howe, Agnes Kraft, Olga (Schlicht) Knop, Hanna Kraft, Henry Kraft, Joeseph Howe Jr., William B. Howe, Patricia Howe

Howe Family Tree

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Feature Articles

feature 1 Fredrick Cotton Coroner's Report Coroner's Report of Fredrick Cotton, died by train.

feature 2 Bernard Hau Death Newspaper Article "Man Fatally Hurt as Robe Catches Fire"

feature 3 Joseph Henry Howe and Dorothy Kraft Howe Joseph Henry Howe and Dorothy Kraft Howe were married on the 22nd of August, 1931. Here they can be seen in 1981 at their 50th Wedding Anniversary in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago.

feature 4 Feature Story 4 William Howe and Jane Gallaudet formal dance in Chicago, Illinois

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